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Health is Wealth!

I have always been a type A personality who focused on her career and believed that a great work ethic would be rewarded. I then came to a stage in my career where I experienced extreme bullying and harassment. Going to work (or just the thought of going to work) made me tired, depressed, and physically ill. In order to survive the politics, I became someone who I was ashamed of and did not recognize.

I felt depleted of energy and excitement toward advancing in my company, the one place that I was certain I belonged, that I was meant to serve and to leave a legacy. I stopped taking time for the key moments in life and one day, I finally woke up from the fog: I was building my dream in the wrong place and my physical and mental health was suffering.

In 2014, I resigned from the corporate job to focus on my health, figure out who I was again and to start the journey to finding my passion and purpose again.

Looking back, I’m happy and grateful that I had the corporate experience. I had great success, learned a lot, gained a lot of skill sets, built a lot of relationships, and traveled the world. And for a while, I had a lot of fun. I just wish someone had helped me realize earlier that I did not need to jeopardize my health and happiness for a career.

3 Physical Signs your health is suffering from work

Our bodies are very adept at letting us know there's a “danger” that needs to be addressed, so we need to pay attention. Check in with yourself frequently with these questions:

· How are you sleeping? Are you regularly getting at least eight hours?

· What's you’re eating like? Are you often too stressed to eat, or do you tend to overeat?

· Are you feeling safe at home and at work?

You only get one body. Who else is going to take care of it if you don’t? This lesson was one of the most impactful and beneficial lessons I learned myself.

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